• Creating Character Sets.

    There are so many ways to "take a walk" on a computer.  That is to say, there are so many points and clicks you have to make to get the simplest things done.  Even opening a file requires a lot of steps.  What is funny is that we are celebrating this behavior here! These words have been here for a long time.

    I call this process "taking a walk" as if you were on a path through a garden or a forest.  How might you decide what road to take or which way to go?

    In the same way, the user interface of a website or application has to have so many friendly features if it is going to be easy to use. It has to mediate between the screen or website and the user at the controls of the computer just like what you saw on the screen was part of the "real world" that you saw on your walk.  It's nice when systems are easy to use, as if the computer or user interface (UI) design had reached into the mentality of the operator (see Behat program) and provide helpful links or buttons and so forth in anticipation.



    Battery Holder at Bottom of Case.

    LCD Display Board
    LCD Display Board
    Dual-MCU Controller Board.