• LCD Display Board

    Evan Williams' Consulting's LCD Dispaly Board is a great device for hobbyists and other electronic enthusiasts! LCD Display Board (Assembled) (evanwilliamsconsulting.com)


    LCD Display Board
    LCD Display Board
    Dual-MCU Controller Board.

    Opcodes, or operational codes, are an essential part of computer systems.  But did you know that you can create your own intermediate opcodes?

    Inside a computer processor, these operational codes or opcodes are the instructions that tell a computer how to run a program.  The microprocessor internally runs assembly language or machine code programs that are comprised of these opcodes.  These instructions tell the computer chip to do some arithmetic or move values in or out of memory or registers.

    The operation of opcodes is not unlike that game 'paint-by-numbers' that one sometimes finds in childrens books.  Suppose one of the rules of 'paint-by-numbers' is to paint green wherever the number '3' appears.  When you see the number '3' you have to paint the area with green paint.  Opcodes are themselves numbers, but when the computer processor reads one of them, such as '36' that might mean 'Load Accumulator'  it immediately loads an internal accumulator register with a value, from memory, from another register or from the result of an arithmetic operation. 

    What is 'Computer Language?'  It is the instructions that make a computer operate. A computer is just a machine; the conputer instructions tell it when to add, subtract or write a number down.  It would be as if you were using a marionette puppet to operate a calculator: or am I going too far here?!

    Assembled LCD Display Board

    Assembled LCD Display Board + Case
    LCD Display Board + Case
    Assembed LCD Display Board + Case